Positive Playgrounds

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About Us

About the developer, author, and owner of the Positive Playgrounds Program and resources:

Pearl Marko (E.C.Dip.) developer, author, and owner of the Positive Playgrounds program currently works in Recreation Therapy and has her Early Childhood Diploma and is the parent of two great sons. Previously she enjoyed working as a Developmental Specialist and also as developer and coordinator of an integrated Special Needs Recreation Program. A believer in life-long education she continues to research, attend workshops, and take courses that enhance Positive Playgrounds.

A word from Pearl Marko:

It's profoundly important that we take a pro-active role in providing opportunities and skills for children to play games that encourage positive social interaction and physical activity. Playing games teaches us the rules of life. Positive Playgrounds provides a valuable tool that allows children to experience and practice meaningful social skills and gain physical fitness. You'll be pleased with the step-by-step format that guides teachers, volunteers and peer groups through the planning, scheduling and implementation of Positive Playgrounds. After seeing and hearing the results on my own child's playground and others, I cannot stress the value of Positive Playgrounds enough. It's worth our time to invest.

About the Positive Playgrounds facilitator, co-author of Vol. 2 and co-owner.

Heather Rootsaert (B.Ed.) currently is an ECS - Grade 9 Physical Education and Health teacher in Edmonton and the former K-12 Health and Physical Education Consultant for Edmonton Catholic Schools.

Heather is a CAPHERD Young Professional Award winner and became a Positive Playgrounds Funshop facilitator, co-author of Positive Playgrounds Vol. 2 and co-owner in 2006 because of her belief and support of this innovative program. She is also ditrict rep for the Health and Physical Education Council of Alberta (HPEC) and has presented at hundreds of workshops in and around the province. She has also been part of writing teams on several provincial resources, which support the Physical Education curriculum. Heather is known for her enthusiasm and pasion for health and phys. ed.

Due to popular demand for more games, Pearl and Heather have collaborated to create a new addition to Positive Playgrounds.

Check out Positive Playgrounds Outdoor and Indoor Games Vol. 2 on the order form.