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Positive Playgrounds Funshops are useful for K-6 classroom teachers, K-9 physical education teachers, teacher assistants, parents, recreation leaders, student leadership groups and more. Basically anyone who interacts with school-aged children and is looking for ideas that help promote fun, cooperation and physical fitness.

It is an interactive workshop where adult participants have the opportunity to reminisce about and try out some their favorite childhood games and younger participants get to learn about the good 'ole days of "PLAY" on the playground.

It is an educational, practical and fun workshop that will leave participants energized and eager to put the "PLAY" back in their classrooms, gymnasiums, and playgrounds. There are literally hundreds of ideas for small spaces, big spaces, rainy/cold day recesses, indoor/outdoor, team building, more passive type games like yo-yo and string games and of course the active games like tag and relays.

Funshops are taught by physical education teachers who have experience with children ranging in age from preschool to high school. They have implemented Positive Playgrounds in numerous ways with the support of colleagues, administrators and parents.

Positive Playgrounds Funshop Format Ideas

We can and will cater to whatever your needs may be but below is a list of the most common type of funshops we offer and some guidelines for time:

  1. District Wide Professional Development Days (Institute Days) 1 to 3 hours
  2. School Based Staff Development (After School or Early Dismissal Workshops (usually staff meetings) 1 to 2 hours
  3. District Wide After School Workshops 1 to 3 hours
  4. Peer/student Leadership Funshops 2 hours
  5. Parent/School Advisory Meetings (PAC/SAC) 30 minutes to 1 hour
  6. Teachers Convention or Specialist Council Sessions usually 1 hour

Funshop Costs & Incidentals

Costs for the funshops vary depending on various things such as the number of funshops, the location of the funshop, and where the presenter is coming from (overnight travel, etc.). Costs will be discussed in detail when the contract is written up.

Over and above the funshop cost, Positive Playgrounds charges for the following incidentals, if applicable: (Receipts will be provided.)

  • mileage on a per kilometer basis,
  • airfare and cab fares or rental vehicle
  • hotels
  • and per diems (meals)

What are people saying about our funshops?

"Great Funshop! Wonderful! Fantastic! Tremendous! Thank you for your knowledge and positive information towards the goodness and benefits for children. Good balance of theory and practice! I'm really looking forward to implementing this program in our school - it so fits with our school philosophy."

Whispering Hills School, Athabasca.

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